BUG - Cubase Studio 5.5.2 - Windows 7

Hi Steinberg, I use Cubase Studio 5.5.2, I’m composer, so I use the score editor, but on this version (5.5.2) when I try to create a score from a score layout the program always crash!
I open the program, I select Big Band Page Layout, I maximise the score windows and when I begin to put notes on the score the program crash…

I attached my Cubase Studio crash log file
Cubase Studio 5.LOG (44.9 KB)

Confirmed - it does the same thing for me.

When I first started entering notes, it was fine - I was all set to post “it works for me”, but I kept adding notes and then suddenly BOOM!

Yes, that’s what happening to me, sometimes the crash is immediately, but sometimes happens after add some notes…

I thought it might be only while using Halion Symphony Orchestra, but it sounds like this is happening while using other VST’s and happening only in score editor. I thought it might be a midi setting or VST setting and nothing seem to fix the problem! The only way I could insert the symbols I wanted was to keep hitting the update button after each time of placing a symbol…This took an enormous amount of time and each time it would freeze for a minute or so and then i would carry on with this process.VERY FRUSTRATED!