Bug Cubase V12.0.52 Build393 Win10: Midi Remote sends wrong/old data

I created a remote control, that shall control volume of a certain instrument channel.

Create a Fader controlled by a CC.
Make sure that “Transmit to Hardware” is check for that fader.

In the mapping assistant assign the fader to Volumn Channel 1 | Mixer Bank Zoon (thus we have a fixed wiring to a certain channel).

Start the Midi Remote

Move the fader on the midi controller. You can see that the volume of the corresponding channel in Cubase moves. And I can see that the received value is also transmitted back to the controller. (I created a virtual midi cable, so I can use Cubases Midi Monitor to watch what data are send back). And I can see, that the midi message is sent back with the last received value as it should.

Now comes the buggy part:
When I use the mouse to move the corresponding channel volume fader, it sends Midi Messages of the right type, channel and CC id, but the value does not change. It always sends the last received value. But since I am changing the volume in the mixer window, it should send the correct/changed value. Otherwise the hardware midi controller cannot follow the volume changes I am doing with the mouse in Cubase. It always receives a midi CC message with the last value it itself sent to Cubase but not the value that corresponds to my changes I did within Cubase.

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