MIDI Remote sending delayed (and incorrect) messages to my controllers

I agree. At least an “advanced options” tab in the GUI that lets the user specify more detailed behavior, using the same parameters available from the API. Like multiple options for handling “Transmit to Hardware”.

One thing that bugs me is that you can use 14-bit resolution in absolute mode but not relative mode. It always reverts to absolute when I switch to 14-bit resolution. This makes relative encoders limited to 7-bit messages. I don’t mind that too much, but it means a fader can never actually return to 0.0dB. (which sits between CC value 95 and 96.)

I came up with a knob “acceleration” method that changes the knob resolution based on how fast you turn it. It’s great for quickly dialing in large changes, but still retaining fine control when you turn slowly. It feels natural and works well in relative mode, but it’s still limited to 7-bits. I guess I have to live with that.

So far I’ve only tried the GUI remote device manager. I’m diving into the API now, maybe I can do it from there.

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I tried the custom smartKnob script posted above, got it working as expected - thank you for that by the way @Shor.
However, for my purpose I still need MIDI feedback for the relative encoder position. I modified the smart knob to send Midi when the Cubase knob is adjusted, and I still get the doubling message behavior as before. Weird.

I may have to modify my approach. I’m thinking if I track CC values in the hardware, and still allow cubase to set them if CCs are received, I can make the encoder behave as an absolute knob (for use with any DAW) or use the smartknob function so it follows automation etc. That’s tomorrow’s problem.

Oh that’s awesome that you got it (mostly?) working.
I kind of just hacked it together just to make it work for my setup, with hopes that it’ll be possible to do in Cubase eventually, so the code isn’t very neat.
It doesn’t work properly with relative settings unfortunately, due to how I am handling the logic about not receiving MIDI feedback. Basically I check to ensure that the value I send is the value Cubase thinks the parameter is, and this wont match up well with relative values. It does work, just a bit imprecise.
It is definitely made for absolute values.

Definitely keep us up to date if you think of any clever ways to work it out.

Has anyone had time to see if this bug was fixed in 12.0.50?

Still a bug in 12.0.50

So is there still no reliable way of using relative encoders with feedback without getting a bunch of rubberbanding/jitter?

Seems so, unless you write your own javascript for your controllers.

I have only been using the JavaScript API.
At least before the .50 update, there was no way of scaling controllers that send relative values. They were always scaled as being 7bit values. That made me start using the API instead. But still I haven’t been able to get the encoders jitter free. Especially with fast encoder movements.

Ohh right of course.
Yeah I made an adaption to handle encoders and faders without jitter, but relative is not as easy to manage.
I am more concerned with the Midi Remote Editor bugs with sending incorrect and extra values not being fixed with this update.

Any word on if this bug is something that is nearing a fix? It’s really frustrating to not be able to make use of the MIDI Remote Editor, since it does look so nice, and is easy to use. But at the moment it is unfortunately entirely useless for any control that requires MIDI being sent back to it.

I’m using Lemur and I wanted to set it up to Midi Remote.

The irritating thing about Midi Remote is that it refuses to allow you to change your MIDI Input/Output Ports once you’ve set them. Right now, I’m experiencing the same thing you are - alot of jittering and lagginess. I have a feeling it’s to do with some MIDI feedback loop of some kind.

Generic Remote doesn’t have this problem at all.

Completely agree!

Maybe this fits to the same topic: Bug Cubase V12.0.52 Build393 Win10: Midi Remote sends wrong/old data

If you use a MIDI monitor and monitor what messages get sent and received it’ll become a lot clearer.
There are issues with feedback, delayed messages, and also there is a rounding bug causing some values to never return the correct value (I have documented my findings and I do believe Steinberg acknowledged it some months ago, but I can’t recall by now).

I am a bit surprised we’ve not heard or seen anything regarding this, and I really hope we won’t have to wait for the next paid release of Cubase to get this fixed…but on the other hand… by now I’d be okay paying as long as they can assure us that the Midi Remote will be usable.


This is my post from back in July (wow) about the MIDI rounding bug, and this might be what is causing you to get incorrect values possibly:

But this is not a bug. Casting to integer always cut of the decimal places. If you want rounding then casting is the wrong message. In javascript there should rounding available.

It is a bug.
The intended behavior from Cubase is to return a rounded value, but the bug is that they are casting and not rounding.
My examples show the issue and problems it causes.

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Hi guys, does anyone know when using a controller is it possible to reset a plugin parameter to default value by pressing the encoder switch? I’m sure this used to work but don’t see that behaviour at the moment.


I did this by mapping both knob and button of a push encoder to the parameter, and setting the button min and max values to 50% (or whatever you want your default to be). And it must be in jump mode.
Worked in this case, but I don’t think there is a generic set to default for quick controls etc. Maybe it can be done in a script.

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Thanks @Alec_Mackay I’ll give that a go.