Bug cubasis with Atom pianoroll app

Atom pianoroll is AU midi plugin app .
When I create note with start at the first bar in atom pianoroll and press cubasis playback button , cubasis play it with abnormal with high volume , and in loop mod playback, sometimes some notes don’t hear and sometimes some notes will sustained more than note length after 5 or more loop repetitions . I have tested atom with auriapro too , but it works ok .

I have reported this issue to victor porof ( Atom pianoroll developer ) but he said: ( Unfortunately, cubase sends damper MIDI messages on each loop starts, regardless of what Atom does, at the beginning of every loop. This results in notes sounding like they’re cut short.
I’ll investigate whether or not there’s a workaround for this, however this is strictly a Cubase bug that Steinberg needs to fix. )

1: create one midi track
2: in and out midi is no midi input.
3: in cubasis midi effects panel select Atom pianoroll
4: create notes in first bar and other bars in Atom pianoroll
5: press cubasis playback with loop mode
Result the bugs mentioned above

Additional I attached one screen shot for more explanation.

Ipad air 2
Ios 12,1,1
Cubasis 2,7
Atom pianoroll 1,0,1


Plus for me.
I experience the first note playing short.
The only workaround for now, is to deactivate the loop button in Cubasis, Atom will still loop.
But unfortunately that means Cubasis playhead will keep moving to infinite .
Or option 2 is to record Atoms midi onto Cubasis Timeline and deactivate Atom.
If you need to see the notes on The first Atom instance, reactivate it and mute the midi event on Cubasis timeline.
I know it’s long but Unfortunately that’s the only workaround I’ve found so far

Thanks for help
But i have these problems even when loop in cubasis is disable. For example there is some times sustaining sounds of note more than note length , or muting some notes with loop in atom without cubasis loop mode .

Are you using AUv3 or internal instrument ?

I use internal instruments .
Create one midi track with micro sonic for example ( finger jB bass guitar ) and use atom in midi effect panel of same track .

It’s a pitty the midi clock issue hasn’t been fixed yet from a reputable company like Steinberg.but I trust they will eventually find a fix

I hope too , Thanks for help and reply.