[bug] DDP Ident file empty

[If there is a better place for bug reporting please let me know, thanks.]
[No optional tags for wavelab-11 yet so I put 10 but I’m using 11]

When you Start rendering a DDP from Full Montage the Write Audio CD or DDP popup window asks for Fields I suppose are meant for the CD printer to associate with the project a phone number, contact person, etc. That I believe is suppose to show up in the ITEND.TXT file where the collected fields are but they all only have an extra single blank space instead. The current only fix is to have to manually edit the file.

I never remarked that before. But I also remark this is the case in other places that have the ‘:’ character (eg. ISRC lines). Maybe that’s part of the standard. I would not touch that. Not a big deal anyway.


I tried with a test ddp
you mean this below ?

"Mastering information file to accompany premaster tapes and CD/DVD discs.
GEAR image building and premastering software, GEAR Software 2021.
Mastering order references (customer information):

  • Customer name: Customer Name
  • Customer contact: Contact Person
  • Telephone number: Telephone number
  • Tapeset name: _GEAREXT
  • Origination date: 9-28-2021
  • Master ID code: ID code for mastering
  • Customer reference code: Reference code
  • Disc title: Disc title"

it works here

regards S-EH

Hmmm… Are you using the latest WaveLab Pro 11, or is it 10?

Here I get two spaces between “name:” and “Customer”.
(on Windows + WaveLab 11)

Well you must be using version 10 because in Version 11 it just has the double space and then newline.

Yes with OSX Catalina,

regards S-EH

Oh okay well thanks for your time I guess I’ll have to debug what in the CD-Text data or something is effecting it?
I’ll try to find some time to build a Montage that is stripped down.
I am doing it from the render panel. Are you doing it from there or some other menu select?

CDR/DDP menu when to Burn or make an DDP.

regards S-EH

Maybe that’s it. I will try that instead.

I took a bunch of dashes out so no special characters as suggested but it does not work any way I trigger it either that be the hidden CD function menu or the render panel?