BUG: Direct Offline Processing - Erratic behaviour of order in effect chain selecting multiple clips

System macOS 10.15.7
Nuendo 11.0.40

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Select several audio events and open DOP.
  2. Add several processes/plugins.
  3. Try to change the order of the processes.
  4. Observe that this is not possible. Also observe the order of the effects.
  5. Select a single event.
  6. Observer that you can change the order in the effect chain. Also observe that the order differs.

I’m not sure what is a bug, or what is by design, but it should absolutely not behave this way. A use case in my example is 10 variations of a sound using the randomizer, pitch shift and BOOM Enforcer. I wanted to switch places of the Enforcer of Randomizer. This is not possible when selecting multiple clips. It’s possible when selecting a single clip.

I’m bumping this since I received no response or confirmation that this has been reported, and it renders the entire function practially useless since it prevents adding any additional plugins on top of a chain of plugins.