[BUG] Disappearance of dynamic

I’ve found high5th post “Having a dynamic both before the beat and on the beat”, yet I am not sure if it really applies to the same situation. Please forgive me if this post is unnecessary!

I am writing Schumanns Piano Sonata Nr. 1 for practising Dorico (second attempt after messing with different voices). In the original complete edition by Clara Schumann, the engraver placed the dynamic before the first note:
Dynamic original.png
After input in Dorico I got
Dynamic without spec.png
Then I wanted to copy the original placement and specified placement before beat. The dynamic disappeared:
Dynamic before beat.png
Probably a bug, isn’t it?


You can drag the marks anywhere you want, in Engrave mode.

Thanks, this I already knew. The thing is that it is always good to have a clearly defined point where something is placed with engraving before moving things around freely. That’s how I understand the placement before slide.

And I don’t think the team wanted to have a slide which lets things disappear in their software…