BUG? - Disappearing SYSTEM- and FRAME BREAKs in the exported PDF file

Hello Dorico Team, and Forum Friends :slight_smile:

I found a possible BUG in Dorico

The bug goes like this:

I have a perfect project file without any bug (at least inside the “.dorico” file opened inside Dorico it looks perfect without any bug),
but when I export this exact project to a .PDF file,
in the PDF file there are some SYSTEM BREAKs and FRAME BREAKs dissapeared.

I attached screenshots of the “.dorico” project file and the exported “.PDF” file to this post.
In this project, the disappearing of the BREAKs starts at page 16 and continues till the end (page 17) in the PDF,
but it looks perfect inside Dorico, all the BREAKs are showing inside Dorico in the .dorico file
(by the way, because of this bug(?) the Dorico project is 19 pages long, but the PDF file is only 17 pages long).

I would like to have the PDF look the same as the .dorico file opened inside Dorico (in terms of BREAKs),
How can I fix this?

(It might be only just a wrong setting that I possibly did by accident and haven’t even noticed.)

Thank you so much for your help!

Everybody have a great day!

Lotsy (composing4piano)

Welcome to the forum, Lotsy. I think you are probably exporting a PDF from a different layout than the one you’re working on in Write mode. Make sure you select the layout you’ve been working on in the left-hand panel in Print mode, and verify that the print preview is showing you the layout you expect to see, before you export your PDF.

On a side note Lotsy - for layouts where you almost always want a set number of bars per system (as in your example, all systems contain 2 bars apart from the final one), instead of manually inserting system breaks you can set a fixed casting off value. If necessary, you can of course override that manually (e.g. for your last system, where you want to pull the final bar onto the previous system rather than have a system of just one bar).