bug display size of channel windows PLEASE HELP

Hi I’m stuck with a bug on nuendo 6.5:
When i hit the ''e ‘’ button i get the channel windows with wrong dimension,
i’m working on the editing for a film and i’m affraid of importing this issue to the nuendo mix in the studio.
i’m unable to resize anything and when i tick things in the inspector (insert, fader, routing…)
it goes to some others display bug.
please i need to reset the size settings in nuendo for this window in a hurry because i’m blocked in this project.
take a look at the pictures
bug display01.jpg
bug display02.jpg

You could try changing your screen resolution to force a window redraw (or disabling one of your monitors). The other option would be to reset your preferences. I’m not sure which preference exactly will remember the size of windows.

i try it but it doesn’t work,
i’m now unable to display anything than the eq on this window (see the picture below) i’ve lost the buttons to show inserts, send , fader and routing,…
it’s crazy i’m stucked
anyway thanks for your reply likelystory cause i’m felling a little alone on this one.
i need a solution badly. :cry:

bug display03.jpg

I would try resetting your preferences.


Nice try i didn’t knew this one.
but unfortunatly it doesn’t work.
maybe i will try to reinstalll nuendo…but it’s a pain
so if you have another idea i’ll take it.
thanks likelystory

Maybe removing the always on top attribute of the panel so it stays in the main program boundary.
Or slide it to far left and grab the right corner back.

sorry bifop already try these and it doesn’t work.
thanks anyway

Try “Shift+F2” and mark everything. Then try to resize it.