[Bug] Dorico crashes after inserting and filtering a music frame

I found a bug that makes Dorico crash, when inserting a music frame in a layout that has only a flow visible.
I enclose a video reproducing the problem. It happens always. I’ll send it as a dropbox attachment, as I cannot upload it here for being too large.

The same thing happens if I

  1. Activate all the flows for the Full Score layout.
  2. Create the music frame (it automatically chooses my last flow, Modulação, as the only one)
  3. Remove the flow “Modulação” from the flows list in the Full Score layout

I don’t believe this to be a general problem, but rather something that is specific to your project. Could you please zip it up and attach it here, together with the zip file produced by choosing Help > Create Diagnostic Report?

Thank you Daniel for your response.
Here it is the project.
I stripped out all the music, and the problem persists.
To reproduce it, you have to edit the master page and include all the three flows in the filter. As soon as you hit “Apply”, it crashes.

However, while trying, I found a funny behaviour. If I erase all the text from the two frames in the second page (where the Layout frame chain is) the crash still occurs, but only when I press “close”, not after pressing “Apply”.
Dorico Diagnostics.zip (704 KB)
Quarteto - cópia 2.dorico.zip (439 KB)

Thanks, Lucas, I can reproduce the crash. We’ll look into it!

Nice to know!