[BUG]Dotting minim results in semibreve

Once again, I don’t know if this has been reported, I couldn’t find it:

See the gif- dotting a minim gives me a semibreve, when it, in fact, should give a dotted minim. Dotted minim can be achieved by tying a crotchet to the minim.

Actually, the note you are “dotting” is tied to another note. Dorico “understands” the rythmic value of the whole note, which in this case might be two minims tied together. If you dot that rythmic value, the dot adds a minim. If you need to tie a crotchet here, just add a crotchet and tie it to the minim (T), just as you would tie a crotchet to a whole note to write a rythmic value of 5 crotchets.

All right, that makes sense. Even though it’s a little counterintuitive (coming from “other programs”), especially considering the barline.