[Bug?] Duplication of tracks mute and solo and undo

I’ve found some odd behaviour when duplicating tracks, plus odder when they are deleted and this is undone:

Firstly, inconsistent behaviour when duplicating tracks which are soloed: If you duplicate a soloed MIDI track or a soloed Instrument track, then the duplicate is also soloed. If you do this with an audio track or a group, it is muted. I would expect them to do the same thing.

Secondly (and more oddly), if you undo the deletion of a once-duplicated Instrument track, then it will return simultaneously Muted AND Soloed!


  1. Create an instrument track.
  2. Create a second track
  3. Solo both tracks
  4. Delete one of the currently-soloed tracks
  5. Undo the deletion

Observed behaviour:
The “undone deleted” track appears and is both Muted AND soloed, not a situation that can occur with normal controls.

Expected behaviour:
The track should be either muted or soloed - certainly MIDI and Audio tracks follow the behaviour in step one (which is not consistent between track types, but is consistent with their original creation). I would expect ALL track types to behave in the same manner, but I may be missing a good reason why they don’t. However, I think that the Muted and Soloed behaviour seems to stem from the different behaviour with respect to solo state when they are created?

I have noticed this, but never been bothered by it.


Reported (29423)