Bug: Editing Timestrecht-amount enfolds whole file on timeline

After using Timestretch with the mouse-tool on a clip that is only a part of a longer file, changing the %-amount in the DOP-window leads to the whole file enfolding on the timeline. Tried with several algorithms.

Using Nuendo 8.3 on Win 7-64Bit
Reproducable with 8.2


Do I understand your steps right, please?

  1. Add/Record an Audio file.
  2. Cut it.
  3. Select one of the cut Audio Event.
  4. Open DOP window.
  5. Apply Time Stretch process, and set some % amount.
    => The whole Audio file appears in the Project window instead of the cut part.

Or am I missing something?

Yes, you are missing “Timestretch the Audio file with the Timestretch-mousetool” between 2 and 3.
And 5 should be change the %amount of the timestretch.

That’s how we can reproduce it in 100% of our tries.