BUG?: Enter & ESC keys don't work in Export window

Hey folks, now confirmed (below) :slight_smile:

I’m on PC / Windows 7x64 with Cubase 6.0x32. This particular feature worked perfectly in Cubase 4.5.2 and being a shortcut fan, I really miss this minor feature in Cubase 6.

Steps to reproduce:

    1. Open any project
  1. Go to File / Export / Audio Mixdown
  2. Set your filename and hit enter
  3. Attempt to hit enter again to start the render and notice it doesn’t work
  4. Attempt to hit esc to close the window and notice it doesn’t work


    • Click the Export / Close button with your mouse

Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

Also, the ESC key should do the same as clicking the CANCEL button, but it doesn’t.

Good point! Updated description in my first post. Thanks for confirming.

Steiny, this should be an easy one to fix, but is quite annoying. Can you please add it to the bugbase? :slight_smile:

The same thing is the case on the mac. In the export window you can’t use the numeric enter key to hit the export button. You must use the mouse to click it. It’s really a pain. Please fix it!

+1. I thought I remember this from older versions working differently than in Cubase 6…

Aloha and +1