BUG: Export Cyclemarkers freezes Nuendo

I absolutely love the feature “export cyclemarkers”.

This can make live easy when exporting samples or when you have more than one song in your project.

In a “simple” scenario it worked great - exporting a basically unmixed project, one single track (creating drumsamples)

In a full-blown mix with lots of plugins it was not possible. One or two cycles will be exported, then the process freezes in the end of the 3th or 4th cycle - at 99%. I had to close Nuendo using the taskmanager. I gave up after a couple of retries and did it one by one… manually.

What gives me such a cool feature when it is not working? I spend more time than I had with this… It only gives me gray hairs…

Nuendo - gray Hairs first?

There are SO many issues with that latest release, I can not believe that the code in C6 is out such a long time already, in my honest oppinion such a version should be rocksolid in any kind.

How short are your cycle markers?
And what if you apply higher buffer settings in the ASIO setup?


Thanks, Fredo - well, cycles were about the length of the songs - between 3 and 5 minutes each. Yesterday while doing samples each cycle was only 1,5 sec - which gave me no error.

And I am at 1024 samples. But with much UAD Plugins, I have the feeling that this has someting to do, because after each cycle-export the UAD meter jumps down and up - like you can see when loading new plugins/the project … When I global disable the UAD plugins by clicking on those Buttons in the UAD Meter I still have the same problems, though…