BUG : Faders reset to zero when you delete unrelated track - complicated but repeatable

Ok, just follow along here.

I have 3 VST synths in a folder. Folder has some simply volume automation to fade everything out at end of maybe 10 secs of MIDI data. 3 tracks inside all using Arturia Solina. 1 has automation, the others just have a track level set at maybe -25 db or so, doesn’t matter. 3 tracks are VCA linked as group #3

I have VIDEO track in use with 2 channels of audio. While I’d been using these tracks with dialog as guide for writing, I got to the point where I don’t need them. Ok Delete them via contextual menu, click thru warning, gone

play. mix sound weird, something is missing… this Solinas aren’t there. First time I thought they had been deleted, but upon closer checking, their levels have now some how been reduced to -inf !

this is perfectly repeatable - undo the track deletions, set levels on the Salinas , play check all is good, remove the 2 unrelated tracks, Solina tracks go to -inf.

No clue why, but its perfectly repeatable. I thought I had messed something up, or the app had corrupted. No the Salinas / group #3 VCA have no linking to the tracks being deleted, no send bus except main stereo pair out, nothing shared between them.



Could you please attach screenshots before and after?

not publicly, no