Bug/Feature Request: Please Fix MIDI Files Import Nuisances

I’ve been using Cubase for 20+ years and I’ve created a thread on this topic that was a follow up on an other user’s frustration with the import and naming of MIDI files and tracks.

It includes relevant screenshots (one of which is shown above). But please read and refer to the thread link provided at the end of this OP - no point duplicating everything here.

As suggested by another user there, here in a nutshell is what was suggested as the fix/feature request:

1. Display the string of “Instrument” of the meta/SMF event FF 04 in Cubase in the part names

2. Allow import of several SMF (standard midi files) into the same project underneath each other in one go

3. Allow a single midi channel SMF to be placed on an MIDI/Instrument existing track in Cubase

It would be much appreciated if whoever at Steinberg could address and correct this would respond here or over there.

And my apologies for a slightly combative subject line over there, but I’m not the only user that has had to deal with this.

Thank you.

Why Can’t Steinberg FIX The Longstanding Midi Files Import Mess?

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IMHO there are no bugs here (malfunctions), but they are feature requests.

Would have to be an optional interpretation. I have found that applications newer than Cubase often take liberties with how they load standard MIDI files, which can make sense with more elaborate MIDI files that contain enough metadata, while in my experience, Cubase is closer to the actual standard.

This I would definitely support as a feature request, as I work around the “new SMF import, new project” limitation currently by using temporary projects and moving parts between them, or by using Reaper as an intermediate.

I am 100% behind this one!

@MrSoundman - Well, your guys have a knowledge of the minutiae of file attributes and such that are beyond my foggy brain, so I’ll take your word for it. I just copy/pasted the stuff in as a sonic soul, not an engineer. :upside_down_face: