Bug fix also for Nuendo 5.5?

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provided the fact that Nuendo and Cubase share the same codebase (and, sometimes, bugs…), is a bug fix similar to Cubase 6.0.4 on the way also for Nuendo 5.5?

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what was fixed in C6.04.04?

6.0.4 Pre-announcement

Notice it will be a “pre-release”, but I assume Nuendo will get these fixes too.


there will be a maintenance update for Nuendo 5.5 as well (maybe a few days after the Cubase 6 maintenance release).


Timo - so given this detail from Helge:

“Please note that we aim to release a fully supported 6.0.5 maintenance update for Cubase 6, Cubase Artist 6 and Cubase Elements 6 in the upcoming months. Of course it will include all of the above listed enhancements plus a handful more.”

Are you saying that Nuendo will get a 5.5 maintenance release - in the “upcoming months”…as in - several months from now or do you mean that Nuendo 5.5 will get a “pre-release” as Cubase has now received…?

Nuendo will get a similar hotfix like Cubase 6.0.4, beginning of next week. It will be Nuendo 5.5.1.