"Bug" fixes

When I launched Cubase Pro 11, I immediately checked two things that has annoyed me for a long time:

  1. The ControlRoom presets bug
    I used to be that when I forgot to turn on the audio interface before launching Cubase, it reverted to the Macs internal audio outputs and all settings was given as “Not Connected”. So far, so good. But then, when I relaunched Cubase with the audio interface turned on and activated the audio interface, all the connections were still “Not Connected”. What’s worse, the preset seemd to have been changed, as well. THe only recause was to manually reprogram all connections and resave the “preset”.

This appears to have been fixed. Thank you Steinberg. :sunglasses: This will save a lot of time.

  1. The long-standing EUCON visibility bug
    When a channel is hidden in the MixConsole, it should be removed “hidden” on the control surface as well. This is how it’s supposed to work.

Unfortunately, this does not appear to be fixed. I really wish that Steinberg would address this issue. According to Greg Ondo, it works correctly with the Macie and HUI protocols, so why not with Eucon?

I look forward to dive into all the new excing features of Cubasec Pro 11. :smiley: