[Bug] Freezed Midi Tracks show up as blank in Score

If you freeze an instrument and try to view it in the score window, it shows up as a blank staff.

Gonna bump this using a more formal bug report.

Summary: After freezing a VST instrument loaded in the VST rack, the associated midi track will no longer open in the score editor; it is essentially “gone” from the session. A caveat is that if you have the score editor open prior to freezing, the midi notes will persist; but if you close that score editor layout, you will be unable to open it again.


  1. Create a VSTi in the rack and an associated MIDI track, and enter some note data.
  2. Open the MIDI track in the score editor (Command-R)
  3. Freeze the VST.
  4. Close the score editor.
  5. Select the midi region and again it Command-R to open the score editor.

Current Behaviour: The Score editor cannot re-open the selected region after it has been frozen.

This does not seem like intended behavior to me. Even if I can’t edit the notes in the score editor (the track is frozen after all), I should at least be able to SEE it’s contents.

Actually, I think this IS intended behavior.

When you freeze a track, it essentially becomes an audio track (ie: sound sans MIDI) temporarily to free CPU resources. Unfreezing returns it to an instrument track (MIDI into virtual instrument).

So, theoretically, there is no MIDI to view.

Well then that is unfortunate, as most functions the score view provides (printing, formatting, using a reference) are made useless when freezing…

You could always copy the MIDI to a MIDI track (having no input or output and not record armed).