BUG: GA, not resolving missing files in searches after re-organizing my directories

I re-organized some of my custom files, mostly just moving them up one directory folder as I had too many subfolders.

For some reason, despite files staying the same, name not changing, etc… GA is not re-finding them/resolving.

I added their direct folder directory placement in the search, tried ‘ignoring file time and size’ and ‘ignore audio format and length’ but to no avail.

Sometimes it finds some files, but others not. The files are definitely there, in MediaBay they show up and playback and have retained their MediaBay metadata I entered.

Any tips?


If I re-create the folder structure I had before, they start working again. It makes no sense, I’m literally just moving them backwards a spot in the tree directory and then deleting the now empty folder they were in.


I should add, that this is when in the GA browser, browsing through the GA Instruments I’ve created, based off .wav files I have organized in a directory. When I select an ‘Instrument’ in the browser that has had its corresponding .wav file location changed, it pops up the missing file window. This is the context of which I am explaining the issue.

It appears this may be ’ GA Instrument’ specific, as GA Kits I’ve created utilizing .wav loops I’ve made that have changed directory location do seem to resolve in missing search.

But again, in instances, where I am selecting an instrument, missing search does not resolve/find. Kits in which GA instruments were loaded into, simply have the files as missing and no missing file search window is given when loading these kits containing same missing Instrument .wavs.


I made a video, can I sent it to someone?

Are the samples you´re writing about samples of library/factory kits (=not visible in explorer) or “external” wav files (=visible as regular wav files in explorer)?

Have you used “Rescan Disk” in “KITS” or Browser after you had replaced some files on your drive?

Not factory, my own created wav files

Yes tried rescanning