BUG - Halion 6.1 Update Causes UI Error Again Windows 10 Pro

Hi Guys,

After installing the update on my laptop the UI error has returned on Halion 6.

Halion Sonic and SE are not affected.

My laptop has Intel HD Graphics 3000, Nvidia NVS 4200M. I retried the registry fix that was applied last time but this does not correct the issue.

The previous work around is here https://helpcenter.steinberg.de/hc/en-us/articles/115000934990-User-Interface-errors-in-HALion-6-on-Windows.

The fault is present on the standalone version and when Halion 6 is used in Cubase 9.

Same here.

As far as I can see the SE version wasn’t updated. Mine is still version 3.0.15.

Halion Sonic is also affected but it’s not so obvious. Did you check the options page of Halion Sonic?

Hi Miso,

You’re correct, Halion SE has not been updated.

I hadn’t checked the options page on Halion Sonic S3 but I can confirm that this is also affected. Please see attachement

There is an update for Halion SE which I have now applied.


When the update is applied this also replicates the same graphics error as Halion Sonic 3 on the options tab.

Please see my previous post for an image of HS3 showing this error.

Yes, under the hood they are the same thing.

I haven’t updated the SE version yet. I’ll wait a bit, maybe there will be some official word from Steinberg about this issue.

But I fear we might be told to use a graphic card that’s officially supported by Windows 10.
In case of a laptop that probably means…well, new laptop. :frowning:

Whoa! Glad I read this before I applied the 6.1 update. I will hold back until there is a fix [just like I’m holding back on Cubase 9.0>9.5 for the mo].
I am on a laptop with Intel graphics hd3000. The registry fix worked previously for Hal 6. I expect Steiny can do it again for this update. [Prays!]

what do they actually test during betatests ?

Allright, what does this mean? I have Halion 6 and use Cubase 95, so ?
Are there users that updated that have no problems?
Or is it just not update Halion to 1.1?
What is it?

I love Halion as it runs now, so i wait, but i can understand a lot of Halion 6 users have used the update?

:bulb: :question: :bulb:

I have updated today (HALion, Sonic, SE).
No problems!

Allright tanks for that information…
I will try tonight to Update Halion 6.

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Maybe steinberg fixed the issue and the workaround is now causing the issue instead of fixing it. You can try that by deleting the registry entry the fix adds.

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH\HALion]
You only need to delete the “GDI”=dword:00000001 entry.

Well i updated to H61 yesterday, until now Halion 6.1 did it without any errors.
So that is fine here. And the SE 3.1 update worked also good. :exclamation: :arrow_right: :smiley:

I’m fine here.
Cubase Pro 9.5 and Halion 6.1. Not issues tho.