BUG: Import multiple videos gives frame inaccuracy

This has been around for ages, surprised it’s still with us.

If you import more than 1 video and extract the audio at the same time, the audio will shift out of sync with 1 frame per video, so first one is in sync and the by the time you get to video number 10 for example the audio will be 10 frames out of sync.

It doesn’t kill you but oh so annoying.

Interesting and indeed annoying, which format and codec are these videos?
Which platform?

I’m on Win10, happens with every format that Nuendo can handle, been going on since N8 at least.

Interesting! Good to know. If you are not aware of this, it can quickly cause a lot of trouble and work.
I find the video function in Nuendo rather suboptimal anyway. I also work with Sequoia and there the video function is much more flexible in terms of format selection, for example. For Nuendo, I often have to re-encode a video before I can use it for a project. Sequoia, on the other hand, can even do something with MKV containers.