[BUG] - Import Track Archives jumbles existing midi channels

I really enjoyed Alan Silvestri’s recent SB video, and the tip of using Track Archives to quickly import pre-made Kontakt and other instances into a session has changed the way I build orchestral templates now - much more modular, and after spending some time making Track Archives for often used synths and sounds, it has definitely improved my workflow…thanks!

That having been said, there seem to be some glaring bugs with this process, and I’ve noticed this with importing tracks from previous projects as well.

First off, and yes, this is not the bug, but important nonetheless - regardless of which track you’ve selected, tracks are ALWAYS imported at the bottom of the project. Why not below your current selected track? If you wanted it at the bottom of your session, you’d only have to move your cursor there.

But the bug I’m talking about is how, when you have a large session with multiple instances, where a VI has multiple midi tracks assigned to the main instrument (like with VEP), the assignment of those midi tracks gets jumbled.

Tracks that were previously assigned to VI-A will now suddenly be assigned to VI-C or B.
This doesn’t happen with the tracks you import, but seemingly happens to some existing tracks as the internal VI midi assignment list gets updated/reshuffled.

There might be a correlation between old deleted VI instruments (ie. empty VI slots); it could be that during import, the process checks for existing empty VI slots and tries to fill those first with the newly imported VI’s, renumbering the previous VI slots but NOT the midi channels that are assigned to them?

In any case, it can turn a previously organised session into a mess, as suddenly you’ll find your Trumpet tracks playing Violins and it becomes a ‘hunt the mis-assigned midi tracks’. On a 500+ track template that is no fun, esp. during deadlines.

Anyone else experienced this? It’s almost impossible not to if you’ve worked in this manner :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: