[BUG] Importing Audio from MediaBay

When importing a new sound file from MediaBay which is already in the pool, Nuendo does not ask if you wish to use the old file or prefer using a new version, although you have set up the pref like this. It just uses the old (and maybe already processed) version from pool!

When importing a file via import-audio-menu Nuendo always asks in cases like this.

This bug was new with N5, and I think it was already discussed in the old forum, but never got fixed.

I was used to import every sound effect via MediaBay since N4, cause of the much better search and prelisten features. Now it´s a daily annoyance, since you do not get what you hear…

One of the main problems occurs when you have once imported and splitted up a stereo-clip. When you later want to import the same sound from MediaBay in stereo, you select a stereo-file, you pre-listen a stereo-file, but when you drag it into project, you just get the old splitted left mono track from pool…


I run into this every day

As soon as u tell N5 to split stereo on import - that file will only import a single mono file if u try to use it again and it doesn’t ask you what you want to do

I did a series earlier this year where a common title wipe was just a mono version of the stereo bumper - this issue got annoying really fast

Yes, it´s just weired, because in N4 everything was fine. And I don´t think that this is a sort of new feature, but rather a bug, which really should be fixed.


same thing if you drag from the desktop…before it would ask you. now it just pretends it is dragging and just uses the older version anyway.