BUG in 6.0.2: elastique out of sync!

Hey guys and especialy devs.
This bug was present already in 6.0, but its still in new update unfortunately.
This bug is so huge and Im really surprised that I dont C a tons of posts about it, but maybe not a lot of Cubase users works with musical samples, I dont know…
Anw., here is bug:

The “élastique pro” is out of sync with Cubase tempo. And at this stage is totally unuseable.
Yesterday I made a little test and timestretched 8 bars of some 70´s disco sample.
Not a lot of tempo change (+ - 2 BPM), but as the music was recorded “live” I needed just sync it properly with Cubase tempo.
So used “free warp” in sample editor and manually sync every beat with Cubase grid.
But then strange thing happend.
When I playback 1st 4 bar of sample everything was fine, but when I playback all 8 bars of sample, the all audio material was TOTALLY out of sync.
BUT MORE… even if I bounce this timestretched sample it is still out of sync!
The change was so big, that it was even visualy noticible.

So as U C this is huge, the new elastic mode is broken at the moment.
I tried “standard” and sync was fine, but audio quality is just bad compared 2 elastic.

Thats such a shame and I really hope that Steiny will fix this superBUG as soon as they can.
Otherwise Im must say that I really love Cubase 6, its fantastic piece of software, but 2 a have a bug like this even after update… it is just inadmissible.

Elastique timestreching is about preparing the END of cubase program…Do not use eleastique. viva MPEX! or standart timestreching.

I used Elastique yesterday on 3 tracks without problems…

That does happening on old sound/loop library which is already scanned by 5.5.3 media bay. You were using new audio files or recorded audio channels. That does not make sense to rescan or delete all meta data info on my soundlibrary which has 2 gb scanned loops by 5.5.3

I did not use any drum loop at all, it was 8 bars of “full song” sample.

But there are problems using elastiq on drum loops aswell.
Just try play some drum loop 5 minutes in cycle using elastiq and it will desync after some time.
Then when U switch 2 “standard” and back 2 elastiq- everything works fine 4 a few minutes B4 it de-sync again.

2bad cuz´otherwise, actual sound quality of elastiq is very good, but again as it is right now its unusable…

Rule Number 1 in this Forum: “If there´s a probñlem and I cannot fix it, it´s Cubase´s fault”.
Rule Number 2 in this furum: “It´s never me nor my computer.”
Rule Number 3 in this Forum: “If the problem wasn´t caused by Cubase, applies automatically rule 1.”

I think, I´m going to copy this on some more topics.
And yes, I am being ironic…


mate sorry, but I dont have time 4 this bullsh*t.
If U have nothing 2 say about this topic, just go away.

I spent a lot of time trying 2 solve this, so yeah it really is broken…
All I want is this 2B fixed in next update.