Bug in cubase 6: audio bounce and region ?!?!

  • Open Cubase and import an audio clip into a track
  • One beat forward, create an empty event with the pencil tool
  • With the glue tool, paste the event and the audio clip together. It will become a single region, containing both the audio clip and the silence part
  • Select that region, then go to the audio menu and click on bounce
  • The region will be replaced by an audio clip bigger than the original one

With Cubase 5 we can do it. Not with Cubase 6, an this an awful bug, because if I want to create an audio clip bigger than the original, I must proceed like this:

  • Cut the audio clip; select the cut piece and, holding ALT, drag it forward
  • We’ll have two identical audio clip that we’ll paste together with the glue tool
  • Now, with the bounce function from the audio menu, that region will become a bigger audio region that will include, instead, in its own audio final part (that pasted and moved forward), some audio material that we’ll be forced to erase or make silent

Unable to reproduce in Cubase 6.0.1, 44.1, 24 bit.

After “- Select that region, then go to the audio menu and click on bounce” I clicked okay to replace events.

Can you supply any other details?

Other details? :mrgreen:
With Cubase 2, 3, 4 and 5 you gets an only audio clip. :unamused: