Bug in GUI of Mystic, Prolouge and Spector


in the upper left und upper right corners of the GUI of Mystic, Prolouge and Spector the “max.voices” and the “pitchbend range” should be displayed. But these numbers are not displayed, although they can be edited. I attached screenshots of Cubase Pro 8.5 und Cubase Pro 9.01, both running on Windows 10.
Cubase 9.jpg
Cubase 8_5.jpg

Confirmed here, Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit, Cubase 9.0.1
1980x1080 resolution, Intel Skylake i3 6300 internal graphics HD530.
But also happens with a different system (old Nvidia VGA).

Confirmed – see screen. The values for the patches are correct as far as number of voices and Pitch Bend range, but those values were white and easily visible and now they are just black dots.

In addition, the note division values for the Delay are not showing when set to song synch, and, as I recall, they did in Version 8.

I use these instruments and would like them to be in good working order, please. Thanks.

Sorry for the double-post, but I neglected to include my screen shot. Here it is.
Silver synths.png

Having the issue on both my Mac and Windows systems.

Thought I’d chime in since only Windows systems were reported.