Bug? Issue? Overview Tracks Do Not Collapse

When working on audiobooks, I frequently work with a large number of tracks. I keep the unedited chapters in one folder (called “On Deck”), and the edited in another (“Finished Chapters”). I keep both of those folders hidden while working.

When finished with one chapter and preparing to start a new one, I make the folders described above visible, and place the edited and bounced file into “Finished Chapters” and move the next unedited chapter from “On Deck” to its place for editing (just above my “Roomtone” track, which I use for breath editing, etc.). I then re-hide “Finished Chapters” and “On Deck.”

Even after hiding, the Overview shows all of the tracks in all of the folders, unless I open and close any visible folder, after which the Overview looks as expected, with only the unhidden tracks represented.

Clearly not a big deal, but an issue that’s existed over several versions. Maybe worth looking at?


Hi there!

This is better than the “Universe” view in that other DAW… which always is the same total tracks, and does not change if you hide tracks.

In Nuendo’s case, I think it is a cache refresh “issue”, where once you have the overview open, and then you change the visibility of a track, it updates the overview as well. That would be a “normal” computer RAM image cache update thing, but I don’t believe it is a “bug.”

Hope to be able to see you playing with John, or by yourself soon. We’ll be going out to live in Nashville by this Summer, at least that is the plan.


That’s the thing— It doesn’t update the overview when you change the track visibility. Only changes after you open and close a folder in the project window.

I don’t really think it’s a “bug,” either. More like an oversight. And it’s only mildly annoying; otherwise I’d have been whining about it since I noticed it, around N8 or so. Don’t remember if it goes back as far as v2 or v5 or anything that early.

John’s told me about your Nashville plans! We shall definitely visit once you’re there. BTW, Nashville’s more of a Nuendo town than is LA, as if that makes a diff in any case. Let’s get JM on it. I’ve tried a little, but don’t have the required patience.

BTW, just got Dorico—crossgraded over from Finale. Pretty cool, and deep. It’s gonna take a while to really get into it, but the dev team is really on top of it, forum-wise. Yee haw.

Now back to audiobooks. Yipes.

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