(BUG? It IS!) MAJOR performance drop by VariAudio data

OK, I’m not a type of guy starting to nag about something like “OMG! My Cubase takes 10 seconds to start!!” and not even some minor editing delays (maybe 1-2 seconds sometimes) but when talking about 20 SECONDS every single time when I:

  • Change the event volume/gain
  • Resize the event(s)
  • Delete an event
  • Copy/Paste an event
  • Open event into a Sample Editor - or when closing it
  • Make a pitch change to audio data in Sample Editor’s VariAudio section
  • Etc. etc.

…I mean about 15-20 seconds of time after every single tiny little piece of editing that I make on that list, until Cubase becomes responsive again, then that’s HUGE!

I found out that as I have a 4 minute long vocal line, on which I have made a complete Pitch Warping so that my singing sounds at least tolerable, it slows down Cubase SO MUCH in respect to those VariPitched vocal events, that it renders the whole damn program pretty much unusable! The other tracks with no VariAudio data work fine.

Now can you begin to realize how irritating it is to wait like forever between single editing events?? It’s horrible! And yeah, maybe I should take singing lessons but that’s not the issue; It is that Cubase sure as h*ll should NOT become such a sluggish software of having lots of VariAudio data active! If that’s the reason beyond this behavior to begin with.

No Cubase 5 did this also, but this is far beyond it. There’s really pretty much nothing else to do than just wait huge amounts of time - and what I have learner of it, is that I really do consider properly before making any adjustments on my editing on that particular project! :laughing:

I don’t want to start freezing the tracks since I want to have full editing capabilities available at all times. And besides my PC should be fast enough; Intel i7 Quad-core @3,70GHz (8-processor cores w/ multi-threading), 8GB of DDR3 RAM, RAID0-harddrive set (4 * 500GB Black series Western Digital HD’s), Win7 x64 (and yes, “only” 32-bit Cubase since all the plugins don’t work on 64-bit version).

It looks like my PC is calculating this VariAudio data all the time - no matter what I do. There also could be some setting wrong but as such a genious (caugh*) I am with computers, I can’t figure out that what it is.

All that I’m pretty sure about is, that it’s somehow due to the quite some amount of VariAudio data present in the project. However, as I said Cubase 5 did this but not by far this much as Cubase 6 does. And I’m not gonna buy the explanation that this kind of PC wouldn’t be able to maneuver the amount of data in the project. There must be some strange going on with Cubase on its core or on its general settings.

Have any of you people experienced this kind of a behaviour? Please sing some crap to one of your projects for like 5 minutes and do VariAudio Pitch quantizing (full) and maybe 40% of Straighten Pitch and see what happens. For me, this is more than frustrating!

And yeah, one little funny thing still; When t.eg. resizing an event, all the audio tracks/events on all tracks are mited for that 15-20 sec period of time. Only the MIDI + Instrument tracks can be heard (when you do editing with a playback on).

I have also tried out Steinberg Power Scheme, but no affect whatsoever. Steiny, any comments by your side??


+1000. Hoping this gets fixed in the very first update.