Bug? Left section of channel strip not saved in track preset

Yes - try to save a track preset with locut / pre gain / phase inverted. Not stored. The EQ section stores fine - as does the inserts. Just not the first section of the strip. Odd.

I’m testing with audio track presets btw

From the manual, it doesn’t mention Low/High-cut as being part of a (audio track) Track Preset:-

The following data is saved in audio track presets:
• Insert effects settings (including VST effect presets)
• EQ settings
• Volume and pan
• Input gain and phase

Maybe you have found a bug if you’re not getting the phase and gain settings being stored…? If so, you’ll want to write it up with a repro and description and post in the Issues pages. Sorry, I’m not at my machine to be able to confirm for you right now.

But it mentions gain and phase which is part of the module and doesn’t work either :slight_smile: