[BUG] Link Panners

Hi all, this is not new, as far as I can remember it was like this in previous Nu versions

  • create a stereo track
  • activate a stereo send from that track
  • activate “link panners” for that track
  • open the “panning” tab of the sends section
  • switch track panner to “stereo combined panner”
  • sends panners do not follow changes.
  • send panner goes L (-100) !
  • switch track panner back to “stereo balance panner”
  • send panner stays L (-100) !
  • double click the “c” in the track panner and hit “enter”
  • send panner stays L (-100) !
  • ctrl + click the track panner (resets do default “c”)
  • send panner stays L (-100) !

You have to either type “c” and enter or grab the panner to have the send panner follow…