BUG - Linked channels lose relative volume

Maybe this happens only to me, since no one else reported that…

1: create a new project
2: create few audio tracks
3: move their volumes to random different values
4: link them with the link function (I left the volume only as linked parameter)
5: move the volumes down 'till all volumes goes to the bottom
6: Voilà! all volumes have THE SAME VALUE!!!

Of course 9.5 didn’t have this bug, on my system.

Rolled back to 9.5 and slapped myself in the face for believing in a stable version.

Just let me know if you guys have the same or not. Thanks

Roberto Priori

This one I know.

It is the same in C9.5 on my system.

-Link the channels.
-drop down the volume to “infinity” using what ever channel.
-release channel from mouse click or motor fader if you are using controller.
-up on engaging the fader again. Result is that the volume starts to flatten out on all channels.
This might be a bug.

So to not have this happening. You can use vca fader. That is what the vca fader is for.
If you pull down the vca fader to “infinity”, you will notice that you cant adjust any of the linked channels.

Thanks for your reply, feel less alone now…
Well, yeah that could be working, it’s just incredible that so many lines of code are breaking after any update.
I’m afraid to discover any problem while working in front of other people, I will stick to 9.5 where at least I know how to avoid embarassment…

I should do with Cubase what I do with OS, …wait…