[BUG] Locate on click on empty space broken in Key Editor

Just what it says. Empty space isn’t empty in the Key Editor. You have to go to the timeline.


Afaik wrongly or rightly this has always been the case since I first used nuendo (can’t remember v1) but definately in v2. Seems like another little bloody annoying inconsistency.

Thanks for the confirmation. I’ll put it in the pile of “Nuendo paper cuts”.

BTW, this probably is not of interest to the post folks in this forum, but may be for the music folks. I’ve been able to test drive PreSonus’ Studio One which was written by ex-Steinberg developers. It’s by no means a replacement for Nuendo, but it is astonishing to see how the developers cleaned up and streamlined the UI. It is still basically Cubendo–everything’s recognizable and about where you expect it to be, but they have leapfrogged way ahead in the UI department. Just goes to show what can be done when there’s a focus on those kind of details.