[BUG Mac] VERY SLOW user interface performance


When you are working with a little of CPU load (not too much) the user interface performance is VERY SLOW. Tasks such select a channel or edit the routing can be PAINFUL.

I’m sure that is a bug because C6 on Mac is 50x faster with the same machine and the same project.
IMHO, this should be on the top of the list of things to be fixed, along with the useless Timewarp Tool (useless=it doesn’t work).

Anyone support this? Any feedback?


I agree. The UI is very, very sluggish. It will take 3-4 seconds to bring up a mixer window. Several seconds to switch from insert to send view in the mixer, etc. It often feels like working underwater.

Good to know C6 is much faster. Does that say there’s a prayer for N5 to be repaired?


C6 uses the same core but optimized. The point is: will be fixed in the next release (and when) or should I wait for N6?

I’ll try to download a video where you can see a 3 seconds lag displaying the mixer. Awesome. Nuendo performance is counter-workflow.

I’ve been enjoying that 3-second delay hundreds of times a day. Every time I hit the F3 key…

And Steinberg doesn’t care this forum.

Yes. This is the thing I can’t figure out. Steinberg provides the forum. It attracts users who are doing real-world work with the product and who are providing real-time feedback on bugs and other issues. Yet they provide no acknowledgement that the information is useful or valuable, and they provide no incentive for users to continue to contribute. Why do we as a community have to repro crashes on working studio systems? Doesn’t make sense to me. Steinberg should be jumping all over those.

I’m resigned to the notion that this is how Steinberg wishes it to be. For a very different experience, have a try participating in the user forums over at Vienna Instruments. The company is responsive and interactive, and you’ll often find yourself in conversation with the founder. And VE Pro doesn’t crash. It’s been running continuously for weeks on my machine through multiple Nuendo crashes.


Is this delay since updating to 5.1.1? Or was it there for you at 5.1.0?

I recently updated to 5.1.1 and have had some strange graphic delays whilst rerecording audio. The whole machine seemed sluggish for a while and then sort of recovered itself. Then it happened again…

This is on a Mac and the only plugins running were VE Pro server interface and an external instrument and and external reverb.

More details might help us all get to the bottom of it.

I can’t tell if it was there before but it’s very painful and more evident after trying C6 on the same machine.

BTW, Christian Fremerey (Steinberg Dev) answered another abandoned thread so maybe he can help us ([FB BUG] Time Warp Tool unusable (still on 5.1.1) - #18 by Antonio_Escobar - Nuendo - Steinberg Forums)

I do think that performance lag is BIG issue because I’m working in Nuendo because the workflow this issue breaks the workflow. If I can’t make things happen QUICK, for me there is not reason to stay being “incompatible” with most other studios (PT / Logic world)

Another PITA is, i.e., when I have a 2 or 3 seconds delay when changing from the top to the bottom on a project.

Totally painful.