BUG: master fader remains selected after selecting other channel

Create new project
create 5 audio tracks
open lower zone
select master channel in lower zone
select any other channel in inspector - master channel remains selected which can totally screw up your mix

Works as expected for regular audio channels - havn’t tested with groups etc

update: this seems to happen if the input/output channels “folder” is closed in the inspector. Once open it works just fine.

I noticed this as well. Thanks for the clarification.

seems like the same Issue

sure does


Now I got it! This is an known issue in C9.5.x.

When you 1st select a channel in the MixConsole (and the related track is in the collapsed folder in the Project window), and then you select any other track in the Project window, the 1st selected channel/track remains selected. (CAN-19014)

Yes, this is a very annoying issue when you have Q-Link enabled. I thought I was going crazy until I realised there was a bug!


What do you mean with the Q-Link? How is Q-Link related? The one I described has nothing to do with Q-Link.

The bad thing with Q-link is that the remaning channel(S) Selected in the closed folder, becomes part of the Q-link you select out in the project window.

Workaround ?

Expand Input/output channel in inspector
After that you can use the visibility tab to hide it

CB- workaround.jpg


I noticed it’s still present in Cubase 10 tonight.