[Bug] Mediabay issues

As per page 396 in the manual, and as was working in V6.5.

This isn’t working correctly -

Unscanned folders are appearing light blue instead of yellow, so you have no way of telling what folders have been scanned.

Folders which have had their scans interrupted should be orange. If you interrupt a scan it just goes back to light blue again.

Scans are taking forever to start.

When I click on an unscanned folder and click the scan button it takes around 30 seconds for the folder to go red - indicating it’s being scanned. The Search in Progress Indicator is whirring away throughout. The folder finally turns red and any sub folders turn yellow, but it then takes a further 30 seconds or so for the scan to commence - which only takes a second or two.

This isn’t so much of a problem when you’re rescanning the whole database - once it’s up and running it’s pretty quick. But scanning several newly added folders is a real chore.

Why does Mediabay take so long to scan the Steinberg folders? It’s constantly wanting to rescan them even though they haven’t changed - and again it takes forever for the scan to start. The Steinberg folder in my User / Application Support is totally empty and it takes several minutes to scan!

When you have a scanned folder, and you click on it to see it’s contents, you get the first 10 or so files show up, and then it takes a further 10 secs or so for the the rest of them to show up in the window.

New mediabay database scanned from scratch. Permissions repaired in case this was causing an interruption.

Today came across a major bug.

You now cannot audition loops along with your track if there’s a plugin on your master bus, as it isn’t compensating for the delay.

When you play the loop you can see the cursor and waveform are way off what you are hearing.

Workaround is to switch off delay compensation or turn off any plugs on the master bus.

This all worked perfectly in V6.5 and earlier.

Blind? Stupid?


There is a thread “Collected Issues”. you should post your issues right there. I didn’t mean to hurt you.

It’s a locked thread, and this issue isn’t in it. I would if I could.

It’s not locked…

Collected issues/issue reports

It IS locked! Look -
Screen Shot 2013-01-26 at 07.26.39.png
Screen Shot 2013-01-26 at 07.26.43.png
Read only.

Actually, he pointed you to the right place.
The sub forum to report is NOT locked:

Apologies all around - After the collected issues forum was locked following the 7.01 release I didn’t bother going back in there - I didn’t realise sub forums within could still be posted to.

:wink: ish happens