BUG? Microtonal Accidentals disappear in Dorico for Ipad

Dear Dorico Team!
When I import microtonal accidentals via MusXML they are shown in my Dorico for Ipad App. Great! But then once I copy some notes from another file into this very project suddenly all microtones are gone and can’t be selected from the sidebar anymore.

What’s happening there?

As a contemporary composer I always dreamed of being flexible in the sense of where and when I compose. When I saw that Dorico was available for Ipad, I thought this is it and bought an Ipad. Realizing then, that many things I need are still not covered, but that’s ok more or less as I see how great effort you spend on improving things.

Could you at least provide the microtones in general for the Ipad version (maybe with a remark that the don’t play back)?
I don’t care so much about the playback, but if I can’t notate what I have in my mind the whole program doesn’t work for me…

Thank you so much for your support!

Hi Alex – Welcome to the forum!

Notes copied from another file have to have accidentals with the exact same definitions as the tonality system in the destination file, otherwise the accidentals are not shown (although the notes still play back with their original pitches in desktop Dorico). Any acci’s not defined in the current tonality system have to be re-assigned.

This is just my guess at the problem. A short sample project would show us exactly what’s going on.

Dear Mark,

thank you for the super fast reply!! Great service!!

I imported the microtonal accidentals form Notion Mobile via MusXML.

Then I basically could use them easily, but once I added some MIDI from another file they disappeared.

Is there a way still to combine both or does that generally not work?

I wish I could send you the file but my Ipad just died:-(

I hope to have it fixed soon. Then I could send an example.

Thank you for your great support! Highly appreciated!

Editing tonality systems can only be done in Dorico Pro. If you can post the two files, I could produce a file that accommodates both systems. You can PM me if you don’t want to post them publicly. But …

Do you mean all the accidentals in your first file disappeared? This could happen if you pasted a key signature that was not in the same tonality system.