Bug: Midi inputs other than external instruments cannot be filtered by channel

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1. Summary/Title
Midi inputs other than external instruments cannot be filtered by channel

2. Description
I create two midi tracks in Cubasis, lets call them ONE and TWO. In track ONE I create a part with some notes and no instrument - this track is only a midi generator. The midi output of track ONE is set to track TWO, midi channel 1 and this track has an instrument but no part. When I set track TWO’s midi input to channel 1 the instrument plays the notes. If I set it to midi channel 2 it still plays the notes although there are no notes on channel 2. The filtering by channel does simply not work and the instrument plays the notes of all midi channels of the midi input.

This is especially a problem if a midi track contains a AU midi effect that generates midi on multiple midi channels. If such midi generator generates notes on multiple channels and multiple other Cubasis tracks use this track as input but each track on a different channel, it doesn’t work because all these tracks play all the notes and they can not be discriminated by midi channel. You can test that with LK or Riffer. This also happens if AU midi effects create virtual midi devices.

3. Expected Results
I expect that the instrument of a midi track plays only these notes that are of the selected channel.

Interesting is that this works perfectly with a connected external midi instrument. I set the instrument to output on midi channel 1 and I can only receive midi in a Cubasis track when it is also set to channel 1. Any other channel value in the inspector causes the notes to be ignored. I would expect the same for other midi input sources.

4. Actual Results
Unable to filter out midi data by channel when using certain midi input types: other Cubasis tracks, virtual midi devices

5. Environment
iPad Pro 2021, 11 inch, 256 GB, iPadOS 14.7.1, Cubasis 3.3.1

Example project that requires Cubasis 3.3.1 and the AU plugin Midi Spy

Added test project

Hmm… no feedback for my bug report. Can anybody reproduce? Are you taking it to the dev team, @LSlowak ?

Hi @krassmann,

Thanks for your report, which has been added to our bugbase and shared with the team!

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Short update to my bug report. Today I noticed that the filtering by Midi channel works well with external Midi sources. External to Cubasis. The issue seems to be happening only when sending Midi data from one Cubasis track to another. Then I still can’t filter as you can see in my demo project. Looks like the filtering is not working when routing Midi internally.

Hi @krassmann,

Once more shared with the team and remaining in the back log.