BUG: MIDI tempo export fails some curves

Exporting to MIDI, sometimes not enough information is exported (I guess), so a raising curve can happen to become horizontally straight, resulting in a clearly wrong tempo than the original.

Here the picture is self-explanatory:

In this case I’m importing to FL Studio, but keep in mind that the issue is in the MIDI file itself. Here, since it’s FL Studio, I can simply change the type of point to fix the issue, but I have to spot the point and manually fix it.

If you’d like us to investigate, please provide a minimal Dorico project that reproduces the issue when you export MIDI. Thanks!

It’s hard to reproduce from scratch, but I’ve been able to strip down a project to the bare minimum while still keeping the bug:

MIDI-export-spike-bug.dorico (528.8 KB)


  • Open the Dorico project, scroll to the end of the Tempo editor, and have a look at the tempo envelope.
  • Export to a MIDI file.
  • Use your favorite tool to inspect the MIDI file and note a tempo spike at the second beat of measure 69.
  • Note on tick 131040 that the tempo is indeed set to 120 for no reason.