Bug: Misaligned Consecutive Gradual Tempo Markings

Hi Dorico team,

When having two or more consecutive gradual tempo markings, they do not align, which also usually leads to issues in the vertical spacing. This is how it looks:

The obvious workaround is to manually move the handles (and the staves) in Engrave mode, but that is not very Doricoesque, and I assume this is something you intend to fix provided you know about it.

Do those tempo items actually overlap rhythmically, or do they abut?

I just double-checked, and since the end handle of the first tempo indication belongs to the same rhytmical position as the start handle of the the second tempo indication, I assume that they do abut.

To close the loop on this, at present Dorico does not have any special handling for two abutting gradual tempos in the way that it does for a gradual tempo abutting with an immediate tempo or vice versa, but I’ve made a note that we need to return to this in future. For the time being, I suggest you rhythmically shorten the first gradual tempo in Write mode; you can always extend the line in Engrave mode if you need to make it abut graphically.

Thanks for the tip and for making a note on it! Keep up the excellent work! :slight_smile:

It doesn’t? That’s funny. I’ve never experienced any “incorrect” behavior with consecutive gradual tempo markings, and, when this came up yesterday on Facebook and I tried it, everything handled correctly.

No. What came up on Facebook was a gradual tempo marking abutting an immediate tempo marking.

Then I was half-asleep already and totally misread it, because what I hopped on Dorico then to purposely try involved abutting gradual tempo markings — four of them in a row, and they all snapped correctly.

They’ll snap correctly (to whatever the default distance from the staff is for Text) if they are actually abutting. The OP’s screenshot on this thread certainly suggests that the accelerando line continues beyond the start of the allargando, and thus the allargando jumps up to keep out of the way.

I believe the issue is that Dorico won’t handle the case where the new gradual tempo coincides with a time signature. Arguably Dorico should not move the new gradual tempo back to align with the time signature in that case.