[BUG?] MixConver does not opens

When routing a 5.1 source to a stereo track/group/fx, the MixConvert panel/window do not opens, just a message: “No editor available!”.
In short, there’s no MixConver editing panel/window available.

Win7 64 / Cubase6 32

Can someone Help Please!

The first thing I’d check, is to see if it somehow got placed in the VST2xPlugins blacklist Cubase.xml file (Locate that file, and remove it, or, if you are o.k. with editing xml, see if you can see MixConvert in there, and edit it out).

I found the black list xml but it didn’t contain the mixconvert in it … anyway i tried also to delete it but now luck :confused:
i also don’t see the mixconvert in plugin drop down list on the channels, but its visible in “Plug-in Information” list and it’s checked on…

i have this problem sans C5 and unfortunately moving to C6 didn’t fix it (i reinstalled the OS also from XP to Win7)…

anyway, BIG thanks vic_france for the reply!!!

That is normal. It is only visible as a “regular” plugin in Nuendo. There are in fact two plugins… MixConvertverter.vst (I’ve never understood why Cubase even installs that one, seeing as how it is unavailable to Cubase), and MixConverter_controlroom.vst, which is fixed to the… errrm… Control Room :wink:.
In my Plugins Information panel, I do see both. Are you seeing both?
I’m trying to figure out why you aren’t seeing it in either Cubase 5 or Cubase 6 (because, normally, it is part of the Cubase installation).
Do you usually start from the same Default Template? (maybe the problem is inside that template?)

I don’t see the plugins in the list ether …
but they are in the Plugin information list (and they are selected) and of course they are in the plugin folder as well… so all seams fine but… no editing :frowning:
I tried any combination of project creating (from template, starting from empty and so on…) but this is not the problem as it seams
I was thinking it may be from the registers of windows but as I mention I did reinstall the OS (and changed the version)… but it’s not :frowning:

Thax again vic_france!

Is someone from Steinberg come across a problem like this?