[Bug] N13.0.20 ARA inc Auto-Align Post Urgent


Sound Radix Auto-Align Post is no longer listed in the ARA extension menu.
13.0.10 worked ok.

Also any Auto-Aligning extensions done in previous builds and not made permanent revert back to the unaligned state- dangerous!

Any ARA renders not made Permanent clips can not be deleted.
Rolled back to 13.0.10. working ok for me now

Hm working fine on my end (both AAP and deleting ARA clips). Maybe try re-installing?

Nuendo 13.0.20
Windows 11

Thanks, glad to hear it’s not across the board.


Massive ARA bugs. Autotune pro no longer even shows as a extension!!!

Had the same issue.
Just re-install the plugins.

And DOP/ARA works fine now.


If only it were that easy. I’m not so silly that I would come to the forum without installing and reinstalling at least 3 times first*