[BUG] N8.3 to Tango communication messed up.

My Tangos work well with Nuendo 7.1.40. One of the many great features is that when an Insert is selected on a channel on the Tango it automatically assigns all of the parameters to the knobs on the Tango and gives them all the correct names - it works beautifully.

The Tango has always worked perfectly in this respect with all Nuendo versions up to and including N7.1.40, but it has gone completely wild in N8.3.

Nothing has changed in the Tango software of course, but Nuendo does not appear to be sending or receiving the correct data any more.

In the main (but not always), if there are let’s say 4 Insert plugins on a selected channel - Pultec, Fairchild, Harrison and Mono Delay, to control the Fairchild I have to select the Pultec, to control the Harrison I select Fairchild, to control the Mono Delay I have to select the Harrison. The first plugin in the Insert list on a track seems to work correctly, but the rest are completely screwed.

Could this be linked to the work done one the DLL/VST instance limitation issue for N8?

I’ve tried removing/re-installing all of the Tango devices in N8.3 to no avail.

N7.1.40 works perfectly - N8.3 does not.

I am currently trying to roll back to N8.2.1 to see if the problem is also there, but I can not manage to do that. I must be doing something wrong.

The Tango (1) itself is a fantastic, still popular, product which I do not intend to stop using due to an SB bug; but my funding of Steinberg has to stop until the problem is solved.

I can confirm the same here with 8.3 and Tango 1. Incredibly frustrating!

Did you report to Steinberg/Nuendo Support?

I’ve PM’d Timo and asked if he could get someone to look into it, but I will try contacting Nuendo Support as well.

Thanks for confirming this.

The good people at Steinberg have acknowledged this as a bug and are looking in to it.

Don’t dump your Tangos yet! :slight_smile:

You know it Fenderchris.
I remain attentive on this question.
Tell us if you have any other comments from Steinberg on this problem.

Thanks for posting!

Just installed N8.3.10 but unfortunately it does not resolve this bug.

This leaves me still stuck on N7.1.40, unable to move forward to use the N8.3 update I bought.

Essentially, I am now an EX-Steinberg customer until such time that the bug is fixed.

Did this get sorted?

No. The number of Inserts available in Nuendo was increased from 8 to 16 in N.8.2 and this screwed things up because the programmers decided to use the same memory area to store the 16 settings as was previously used for the original 8 inserts.

The version immediately prior to N8.2 (N8.1.10) does not suffer from this problem so I am using that when I need to do a lot of insert editing on the Tango, and N10.2 when I don’t!