Bug NE13 Win11 - Preview Punch on Play keeps stopping to work frequently

Hi, I sometimes work in my bigger orchestral template and experience a nasty bug. The Preview Punch on Play Feature just stops working.
You can watch my screen recording here: Frame.io
When it happens in my orchestral template , I can close the proejct and open an empty one and the feature is still broken as you see in the screen recording.
I have also uploaded the “empty test project” file and movie here for donwload:
Nevertheless, when I quit Nuendo and reopen the “empty test project” the feature works again.

Steps to reproduce ? Non I have figured out yet. Anyone having the same problem ? This seesm to not be tied to the consisting problem of Neundo Automation staying in “red” write mode, which seems to be another problem I also experience.

Any help would be appreaciated. Thanks,

yeah I’ve seen something similar and reported it as well. You can try to open up the automation panel for the track or GRP and make sure all those automation tracks are WRITE and turned on and it should in theory work without having to reset.

thanks I tried to solve it by pressing every automation panel command, but it doesnt unless i restart nuendo. Any other Ideas ? Is this a case for a CAN number please ?
Thanks, lokotus

hmm… must be different than what I encountered unfortunately.