BUG no sound in group/track with automation created in 8.0

Hi everyone,

I am having a serious issue and hope someone can help me.

I recently upgraded from 8.0 pro to 8.5 pro (win 7).

I opened a session made in 8.0 I am currently working on and the channels with automation sent to a group with automation are silent! No sound, nada.

If I desingage the R button and click on the channel slide, the sound comes back. If the automation is engaged, no sound. When a touch the slide with automation engaged, the sound returns until I unclick the slide. It’s only volume automation either in the audio channel and in the group channel.

The thing is, my mix is gone. This bug is a dead end unless I go back to 8.0 which means I will loose the work done in the 8.5, And I have a deadline coming.

Any thoughts?