Bug: Not possible to input music via MIDI keyboard

Hello everyone!

I have encountered a weird bug which unables me to input music via any of my MIDI keyboards. While this problem is present, it is still possible to input notes by clicking directly in the staves or typing on the qwerty keyboard and also to audition the different instruments by clicking on their corresponding staves and playing on a connected MIDI keyboard. In other words, Dorico seems to monitor all connected MIDI devices correctly but only renders it impossible to input music with them. The only thing that seems to make it go away is if I restart the entire application.

Unfortunately, I haven’t yet determined for sure what triggers this. The only information I have at the moment is that it usually appears after doing other activities on the computer while Dorico is still running in the background and it is when I want to start typing music again that I discover that the MIDI input doesn’t work.

Do you have any suggestions of what might trigger it or possibly how to further track it down? Even though I do not have much information about how to reproduce it, I still hope that this is helpful somehow (in worst case scenario you only know about its existence).

This is a known problem and is fixed for the forthcoming update.

Terrific! Looking forward to the release of the next version! :slight_smile: