[Bug] Nuendo 11 - File Format Preset mp3

So I’ve been setting up file format presets in Nuendo 11 and come across a small bug.
When I create a file format preset for an mp3 file with a sample rate of 48.000kHz, the preset doesn’t remember the sample rate and always resets to 44.100kHz.
Would be great if that could be fixed in the next update, as I’m really loving the file format preset options to switch between formats and have it remember my settings.


Same here. I too notice this sample rate issue with mar presets.

Seems there are still some bugs in the Audio export function. I have some issues with the queue export where the Loudness settings of specific export jobs are not remembered correctly in the export queue.

Beware that all mp3 formats (except 320 kbps bit rate) are by default 44.1kHz.
I don’t think you can force them to 48kHz.

Sure you can export mp3 in 48kHz! They are not limited to just 44.1kHz. In Nuendo you can export mp3 files in 44.1, 48 or 32kHz. It is just weird that, when you create a preset for an mp3 export, the sample rate settings are not saved with the preset.

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yes - MP3 supports 48kHz, always has - 32k/44.1k/48k were in the spec at the beginning.