BUG – Nuendo 13 not saving menu item configuration

I usually remove menu items I don’t use from the nuendo menu, as the menu is too crowded to fit the screen of my 14" macbook.
However, since updating to Nuendo 13, Nuendo forgets the deselected menu items.

Steps to reproduce the issue:
In Nuendo, open settings
Go to “configuration” tab
deselect items from main menu
click save.
→ the selection is not saved.

Can anybody reproduce this?


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You are right! In Nuendo 13, only the sub-entries disappear, but the entry itself (e.g. MIDI) remains. This is different in Nuendo 12, where everything disappears completely.

By the way, I have never understood why I have to restart Nuendo to remove a menu entry, but if I make an entry appear again, it happens immediately (i.e. without a restart).

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Yes, I noticed that too. No way to remove Nuendo Hub from the menu.

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Thanks for confirming the issue, that seems to be a bug then.

I tried opening a support ticket from my Steinberg account, however as soon as I try to send the ticket, I’m forwarded to the steinberg.net main page. How else can I report the bug?

Confirmed here as well. I always hide anything to do with Scores. Doesn’t want to hide it now…


Problem is still there in 13.0.20.

Nuendo 13.0.21 and problem remains.

Nuendo 13.0.30 and problem remains.

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Confirmed, this bug is still there in 13.0.30.

Nuendo 13.0.40 and problem is still there but…
now it’s all messed up!

When editing the visibility of Menus they still show in the Menu bar even when unchecked (problem as before) but now all the Sub Menus content disappears although the Main menus and the Menu folders remain visible.

So, someone messed up big time while trying to fix something that was never a problem.
At least not since Nuendo 2 (two).


Reported to Steinberg. Thank you.

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Can confirm, the bug’s still there.

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