Bug: Nuendo 8.2.1 - random freeze when moving events - had events freeze in place until reboot

Hi Guys,

I booted up my machine from scratch, loaded up a project I’ve been working on and have noticed some problems:

Windows 10 - 64bit, 32gig Ram with latest updates.

  1. Today I couldn’t move my events after a while - between tracks vertically or horizontally. Resizing them did work, and adjusting the attenuation bar on the audio event also worked. Just no drag left or right or up or down.

  2. Yesterday, same project, while dragging an event Nuendo just disappeared from memory - no crash log or anything - just like I killed it from task manager and there was no question to go ahead.

Windows 7 - 64bit 24gig ram - also running Nuendo 8.2.1 - different machine

  1. Sometimes a project will hang while loading - but as soon as I load the same project on Nuendo 7 64bit pointing to the same VST folders it loads fine.